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Welcome to Future Voice and Data

Future Voice and Data specializes in discount Nortel Norstar business telephone systems sales and service in the New York Tri-State Area, with savings of 20-70%

We provide sales, installation, maintenance and repair services for a broad range of telecommunications products and services, including:

ATM Wiring Voice and Data Fiber Optics
Telephone and Voice Mail Systems
Voice and Data Cabling
Installation and Maintenance Services
Equipment Buy-Backs and Trade-Ins
Consulting for Voice and Data Networks


Future Voice and Data prides itself on providing business phone systems and telecommunications equipment and services at prices lower than primary telecommunications providers. Our commitment to quick, personal service sets us apart. Our firm listens to what you have to say - and provides products and services you need. You will appreciate the difference.

Celebrating our 20th year helping customers with their telecom needs!

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